How to stay Motivated day to day

I work from home. I have a puppy. I have riding lessons a few times a week. I run a home, meaning I cook, I clean – a lot and everything else that needs doing. I have a fitness regime. I am busy.

So I have to be productive and motivated in order to get the most out of my days and my life.


I put this first because honestly it’s the only way I get anything done. My moto? How can you expect your day to plan out well without a plan. I have a daily list and a weekly list. I make my daily list each morning or the evening before and ensure some of my weekly tasks are on there so this gets ticked off too.

Bribe yourself

Sorry not sorry.

It can be as simple as once I do this peice of work I will make myself an iced coffee. Or more luxurious such as once I learn how to do this I will book on to do this event or buy myself those new gym clothes etc. Rewards and bribery – super motivational!

Diary – Goal setting

My diary is my life. It’s how I remember everything, how I plan and set my goals. It has a super awesome page for reviewing the end of each month. This I use along with my lists for day to

Just get up and go!

Wake up early (if it suits your lifestyle) and get those everyday jobs out of the way and done! Empty the dishwasher, make your bed and get dressed asap. Trust me, it frees up your day and sets you on a fantastic path for just getting things done.

Believe in the process

Whether it’s getting lifting that next weight at the gym, a promotion at work, jumping higher jumps in riding or just being able to master a chocolate souffle. Believe that practise makes perfect, you have to master what level you are currently at in order to progress. Do not be put out if that takes time, it will just make it all the better when you do reach your next goal.

To me, the key is being happy and enjoying the process, enjoy and respect where you are at now. If something is going to take a year to learn then if you start today it will be complete in a year, if you never start then it will never be complete.

If it’s really not working look to why, is it that you need some outside help or advice? Are you not enjoying what your doing? Is an outside influence causing you too much stress?


This is a biggie. Happiness and motivation are not destinations, you have to be happy and enjoying your life everyday, we only have so many days on Earth. While some days will suck and everyone has parts of their life they don’t enjoy, set yourself up for success and happiness. Believe you are worth it and it will happen.

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Fitness: May Diary

May was a wonderful month, my fitness was a little (a lot) disrupted due to being on holiday. My riding has improved which is fantastic and with it my core strength.

What went well

My scheduled riding lessons and a hack while away kept me in riding shape, which has helped strengthen my core. Lots of walking definitely was part of our city break!

What could have gone better

Time! Being abroad for most of the month simply meant I was far too busy to care about my fitness. Which is pretty great really, I had no stress or worries about this and just truly enjoyed my time away. Which in its own way is super healthy – your health and fitness should be a benefit to a healthy lifestyle not your whole life!


Riding lessons: 6

Gym sessions: 3

Yoga sessions: 3

Swims: 3

June’s Plan

So my gym has unfortunately closed while it is going through the process of being bought, which is just a little annoying! So my gym sessions will be lacking. I’m going to make a little home work out circuit but most concentrate on improving my swimming and yoga as well as keeping up my regular riding lessons .

Do you have any fitness goals for June?

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Meet Winston

We have a puppy. A real puppy, one that barks and plays and chews your fingers. He is adorable and I am in love.

It was a bit of an accident really, born and raised on one of the business sites, him and one of his litter mates were offered to us and as we had been toying with the idea of a little pup, so he came home with us. I know – brave and risky! Both of us have grown up with and had dogs so it isn’t really an unknown territory and honestly, he has been the most well behaved and lovely pup ever.

It has definitely reminded us both how much hard work puppies are – an insane amount! You need eyes on the back of your head and at least three hands. They don’t understand well, anything. Thankfully this little guy is nearly house trained (in three days) and has almost got the knack of sleeping all night.

Want to see some videos of the cutie?

Vlog: First ever!

I made a vlog! So don’t judge my filming/editing etc, it is very much my first attempt. It’s much harder than it looks. I had a pretty chilled day, just riding and hanging out by the pool before starting my work. But wanted to see what I get up to? Go watch 🙂

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Vlogging is strangely addictive and editing is fun – much harder than I expected. Time to get learning! Who doesn’t love having to learn a new skill.

Haul: Forever 21

Moving to a hot hot hot climate meant I was super short on summer clothes. In the UK we only really need a four weekends worth of summer wear *weep*. I did a fairly quick online shop at Forever 21 and was super pleased with all the bits I recieved.

Forever 21 Shirt & Shorts

I really struggle to buy summer clothes, especially in stores in the UK – I feel like there is never enough choice. I was super pleased with how all the bits I bought fitted and looked.

Want to see everything I bought? Head to my youtube to watch my haul.

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Beauty: Gel Nail Fix

On my journey to DIY beauty one key area that I plan to focus on is my nails. Previously an acrylic addict this is going to be hard for me. My biggest issue is that my nails are fairly thin and weak, so I need to take more care of them.

When back in the UK I ordered all the parts I needed in order to be able to do my own gel nails and so far I’m a convert! Its fairly quick (maybe an hour to remove a set and do a new set) which is about how long you have to leave paint to dry and it looks much nicer and lasts longer (win win).

I also really love that because it’s a home you can fix a nail as and when you need. So I had a thumb nail peel off (my own fault – newbie to this) and I could fix this in about 5 minutes which was so amazing.

Before – missing polish
After – all fixed

The look is a lot more subtle but I’m liking it – way easier for typing, riding, cleaning etc! What do you guys do with your nails?

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Paris: Lime Scooters

If you had told me I would go scooting around Paris on an electric scooter I would have laughed at you. Me? Being a girl that often wears heels, skirts, dresses and carries large handbags. Ha. No.

But I did, and I loved it. Even in a dress and heels.

It’s super easy, you just download the app, find a scooter, scan the code and off you go. Linked to your bank (I used apple pay so even easier) and crazy cheap I cannot recommend trying them out more. They are in lots of locations across Europe and the USA.

We stayed mostly along the river and quiet areas, this was super safe and a good way to see Paris. It really made our trip.

If you want a free first go then use my referral code: RQUBEXD